Economic Inequality in the United States

This application helps us to better understand economic inequality in the United States. Across the three different tabs, you will find various measures and outcomes of inequality within the United States at the county level. The first tab shows shows two United States county maps: one with the Gini index and one with a measure of educational attainment. This tab helps us see not only the overall inequality in the United States, but also the inequality between counties. The second tab is a scatterplot with two options for the x-axis: median income and proportion of African Americans by county. Both of these are plotted against the Gini index. The third and final tab shows three different results of inequality: proportion of the republican voters, life expectancy, and proportion of uninsured people.

The income, education level, health insurance, and Gini index data that is used in this application is from the United States Census Bureau 5-year American Community Survey, the election data is from MIT, and the life expectancy data is from