How Have Putin's Speeches Changed Since 2000?

This application highlights how Vladimir Putin's speeches to the Federal Assembly have changed since 2000.

These are annual speeches that the Russian president gives to the legislative body, outlining his administration's policy priorities, domestic and foreign policy plans, and broader vision for the country. They serve as a key platform for Putin to communicate with Russian lawmakers, officials, and the public, detailing his government's agenda and setting the political tone for the year ahead. Importantly, they illustrate Putin's tone and give insight into whether or not the fears of him becoming more expansionist, belligerent, and authoritarian are true.

Through this application, you can see how his speeches have changed over time, as well as how the variables measured relate to each other.

Choose a year from the dropdown menu to view detailed summary statistics for that speech, or click the 'Link to Full Speeches' button to read the full text. The word cloud showcases the most frequently used words in the selected speech.

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